Katrina Olson-Mottahed is a Canadian artist, art collector and an advocate for the arts who has become a culture curator and influencer. Her unique fine art viewpoint and personal style sets her apart in the fashion and film landscape.  A university educated and practicing artist, her adoration for the arts covers all forms, from classics, to fashion, street art to the silver screen. Katrina has made it her business to connect all things art related.

Katrina’s ability to go from concept to completion has influenced a set of leading creative minds; ensuring her signature style is made present. The hybridization of art + film coupled with her unique personal style led her to build an online platform connecting contemporary culture from the perspective of wearing, watching and creating art. From Vancouver to Milan, Katrina travels film festivals, fashion week circuits, galleries to museums and more to capture culture as she sees it.


KO Review Lolo

A film written (screenplay) and directed by Julie Delpy. Lolo is about a single mother named Violet, played by Julie Delpy who meets a man named Jean-René Graves (played by Dany Boon) on a girls [...]

KO Review Out of Print

A KO Review by Emily Mody Out Of Print directed by Julia Marchese is a documentary that looks at revival cinema and the importance of maintaining the option to exhibit on 35mm film. This story is [...]

KO May Style Story

The past 6 weeks have flown by. As some of my readers may not know, I have co-founded the Canadian International Fashion Film Festival (www.canifff.com). I have dedicated a large majority of my [...]

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